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Maternity Clinic Health Education Services
Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic (STD/STI) Children’s Special Health Services Speech and Hearing Clinic
Tuberculosis Clinic Hepatitis-B Clinic
BCCCP Children’s Special Health Services Eligibility
School Health Nurse Program  Post Partum/Newborn Assessments
Sickle Cell Anemia Program Medicaid Eligibility (M-PW)
Lead Screening Vital Statistics
MCC SIDS Counseling
Maternity Outreach Workers (MOW)  


Adult Health Clinic
Offered each Monday for adults both Male and Female, in need of annual checkups. Appointments are necessary. Coordinator: Tiffany Dyson, RN - Adult Health Coordinator

Immunization Clinic
Immunizations against communicable diseases and tuberculosis skin tests are available. This clinic is offered Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. The children's immunization clinic offers extended hours from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday, of each month.

Children's Health Clinic -
Well-child health screenings are held each Tuesday and are offered by appointment for children and adolescents to age 21.
Coordinator: Ruth Huggins, RN - Child Health Coordinator

Child Service Coordination -
Provides case management, education, developmental screenings, and coordinates medical services for children birth to five (5) years that are at high risk for developmental delays or have special medical needs. Please call for more information. Coordinator: Joan Taylor, RN

Family Planning Clinic
Provides family planning services to women of childbearing age who want to help in planning their pregnancies and/or limiting the number of pregnancies. Physicals by appointment only. Coordinator: Beth Neill, RN

Pregnancy Testing Clinic
Pregnancy testing and counseling are available on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.

Maternity Clinic
Provides quality prenatal care, counseling and education to expectant women of Bladen County. Please call for an appointment or for more information. Coordinator: Angie Lowry, RN

STD/STI Clinic
Available Monday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. until 3:45 p.m. Screening, treatment, risk assessment, counseling and education are offered. HIV testing, which includes pre- and post-counseling, is available.

Tuberculosis Clinic
Provides screening, treatment, education and follow-up for all people. Please call for more information. Coordinator: Debra Conner, RN

A Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program designed for women 50 years of age and older, who are in need of a full clinical breast examination and Pap smear evaluation, and meet the financial criteria are eligible. Coordinator: Tiffany Dyson, RN - Adult Health Coordinator

School Health Nurse Program
Screenings, referrals, and age-appropriate education offered for all Bladen County Schools. Coordinator: Deborah H. Brisson, RN.

Sickle Cell Anemia Program
Testing and evaluation offered each Monday and Friday. Follow-up counseling is by appointment. Contact: Maggie Royal, LPN.

Lead Screenings
These screenings are offered each Tuesday for children under age six (6) years of age. Counseling and education are offered through the Children's Health Clinic.

Maternity Care Coordination (MCC)
Maternity Care Coordinators are highly skilled social workers who assist pregnant women with needed services such as WIC, food stamps, MEDICAID, housing , support, transportation, etc. Coordinator: Wanda Herring - Social Worker

Maternity Outreach Workers (MOW)
Maternity outreach workers assist at-risk women in providing social support, reinforcement fo education, and outreach activities not currently a part of the health care system.

Home Health Care
This includes health care and related services provided to people in their homes or places of residence, and is often an alternative to hospital or nursing home care. It is designed to help people get and stay well, and remain independent at home. Home care is for any medical problem that can be appropriately managed at home, including recovery from illness or surgery, chronic disease care, physical disabilities and terminal illness. For more information click on Bladen County Home Health. Coordinator/Supervisor: Shannon Pate, RN.

WIC (Women, Infant & Children)
Provides pregnant, post partum and breast-feeding women, and infants and children to age five (5) with nutritional education and supplemental foods to assist in their health care needs during this critical time of growth and development. Eligibility is based upon income and medical need. Please call for an appointment. Coordinator/Supervisor: Cathi Moffat.

Environmental Health Services
Environmental health specialists are responsible for enforcement of N. C. General Statutes regarding: sanitation inspections, septic tank and sewage control, investigation of foodborne disease outbreaks, water analysis, vector investigation and control, lead level control, and environmental health education. Coordinator/Supervisor: T. Cris Harrelson, RS.

If you are interested in filling out a Well/Septic Tank Application please feel free to do so. This link will assist you in knowing what is required for an inspection of your property by our staff.

Animal Control Services
Handles domestic animal related problems, animal bites, rabies cases and vaccinations; picks up strays and unwanted animals; provides the animal adoption program services, and education on all animal control issues. Coordinator: Larry Martin. Contact number: 910-862-6918.

Smart Start Health Education Team
The Smart Start Health Education Team consists of a registered nurse and a health educator. The registered nurse ensures children in day care facilities are currently immunized and each child has a place to receive regular medical care. The health educator provides health education to day care facilities and parents by generating a health conscious, health informed and health motivated community. The team ensures child care environments are safe and healthy for all birth to five (0-5) year old children in child care.

Health Education Services
Provides and offers educational material, classes and seminars on health-related issues and promotes Bladen County Health Department's efforts in improving the overall health of Bladen County Residents. These services are available to all people and organizations. Contact: Al Bishop, MSA

Vital Statistics
The Vital Records Section of Bladen County Health Department ensures that all birth and death certificates for those persons who were born or died in Bladen County are filed according to Chapter 130-A of North Carolina General Statutes.

The health director serves as the local registrar for all births, deaths, and fetal deaths occuring in Bladen County. The issuance of burial transit permits and disinterment/reinterment permits also fall under the jurisdiction of the local registrar. The deputy registrar processes the vital records received in the health department and forwards copies of all births and deaths which have occurred in Bladen County to the Bladen County Register of Deeds, where certified copies may be obtained.

Contact Emily Williams, Deputy Registrar, at 910-862-6900, extension 4934, for more information on birth and death certificates or if a burial transit permit or disinterment/reinterment permit is needed.

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