Chronic Diseases

Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease information plus prevention and health promotion information.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Highlights prevention of death and disability from chronic diseases along with health promotion for specific populations. Has informative topical links.


CancerNet National Cancer Instituteís site for professionals and consumers with information about treatment, detection, risk factors, and prevention. Has PDQ (Physician Data Query), a comprehensive cancer database, and CANCERLIT, a source of cancer information in print.

Cancer Care Patient-oriented cancer site with information about cancer types, pain management, and caregiver support. Includes off line resources and referrals.

American Cancer Society Comprehensive site with information about cancer types, prevention, alternative medicine, research findings, and patient advocacy.


American Diabetes Association Comprehensive diabetes site featuring information for the consumer and for the professional plus physician referral and research briefings.

American Diabetes Associationís African American Program The ADAís program on diabetes control targeted to the African-American community.

CDCís Diabetes Home Page Federal government diabetes site featuring patient guides and fact sheets in Spanish and English. Data describing diabetes control efforts by state plus links to diabetes-related clipart.

Heart Disease

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Information about the various forms of heart disease including treatment and prevention for professionals and consumers.

American College of Cardiology Professional membership site but with ample patient education offerings. Requires free registration.

American Heart Association Comprehensive site related to heart health and lifestyle modification.


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