Clinicians’ Resources

DynaMed, physician selected links, specialty information, and patient education.

DynaMed Designed to be used by physicians at the point of treatment, DynaMed features description, etiology, physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment information for over 2,000 diseases. Requires free registration. (This is a free trial.  Subscription required.)

Dr. Jim McNabb’s Bookmarks An extensive list of physician selected links covering evidence-based medicine, clinical tools, guidelines, informatics, medical quality improvement, EKG, treadmill stress testing, sports and musculoskeletal, patient education, medical organizations, and more.

Combined Health Information Database (CHID) Produced jointly by federal health-related agencies, CHID has health promotion and education bibliographic materials covering 17 major topics including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, complementary and alternative medicine, health promotion, maternal and child health, etc. Target audience is professionals.

Medical Matrix Presents a list of medical sites related to specialty, diseases, practice, and educational topics selected by the editors of Medical Matrix primarily for the professional audience.

Medscape Clinically-focused summaries of relevant articles in medical literature by specialty together with directories of continuing medical education and information about nationwide patient resource organizations.

The Hospital Web A list of hospitals with websites.

Clinical Trials

CenterWatch: Clinical Trials Listing Service For patients wanting to participate in clinical trials and for research professionals who want information about new FDA-approved drug therapies and more.


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