Consumer Health

Information about diseases, medical procedures, and wellness for consumers.

AMA Health Insight Consumer health and news from the American Medical Association which focuses on every member of the family with health awareness information, healthy eating, etc.

NOAH: New York Online Access to Health .  A searchable, full-text health information site with resources in Spanish and English on topics such as cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, tuberculosis, etc.

Clinical Trials

CenterWatch: Clinical Trials Listing Service For patients wanting to participate in clinical trials and for research professionals who want information about new FDA-approved drug therapies and more.

Patient Education

Low-Literacy Patient Education Handouts Illustrated handouts for homeless, low-literacy patients from UCSF.

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis Patient education site which integrated the latest developments on topics such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimerís. Updated daily by the staff of the Mayo Clinic.

Patients Annotated List List of hyperlinks explaining diseases, conditions, and procedures for patients.

Spanish Patient Education Websites Selected links to Spanish patient education materials.


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