Infectious Diseases

AIDS, tuberculosis, immunizations, and travel advisory information.

Emerging Infectious Diseases Publishes public health information about emerging infectious diseases to aid in prevention.

MMWR Summary of Notifiable Diseases http:// Examine incidence of notifiable diseases by year, race, sex, or other criteria for a range of years.

National Center for Infectious Diseases A clearinghouse for infectious disease topics, including AIDS, bacterial, mycotic, parasitic, and viral diseases.

Typhoid Fever Info for Consumers Consumer health information about the transmission and symptoms of typhoid.


HIV InSite Gateway AIDS information site from University of California, San Francisco which includes AIDS fundamentals, comprehensive lists of AIDS-related newsletters and journals, surveillance information, and information about prevention education, social issues, Spanish resources, and links to other sites.

CDCís Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention CDCís comprehensive AIDS prevention site with access to research findings, statistical data and funding information along with sources of brochures and publications. Has downloadable slide sets, factsheets, and data analysis tools plus information for children and an index to AIDS-related MMWR articles.


Well-Child Exams and Immunizations Clear descriptions of childhood diseases and immunizations for them along with a recommended schedule of examinations through age 19.


CDC Travel Information The definitive travel health site with information about vaccines, disease outbreaks, geographic health recommendations, Blue Sheet travel advisories plus Green Sheet sanitation reports.

State Department Travel Information Covers travel from the political perspective including information about State Department travel warnings and public announcements by country.


CDCís Division of Tuberculosis Elimination Comprehensive tuberculosis site featuring guidelines, self-study modules, continuing education, 1998 Surveillance Report with slides, indexes to related MMWRs, and ordering information for educational materials.


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